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The Historical Archaeology of Second World War Air Power in Australia
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General Information

Royal Australian Air Force
Service No:
Air Commodore
Date of Birth:
26 August 1894
Place of Birth:
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
Date of Death:
11 November 1955
Age at Death:
61 Years
Prisoner of War:
Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
Distinguished Flying Cross and Two Bars
George Medal
Mentioned in Despatches
Medal of Freedom (US)

Award Citations

Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Gazetted: The London Gazette, 16 June 1944

Distinguished Service Order

On the 16th August this officer led an organised raid on an enemy aerodrome. At 200 feet altitude he obtained direct hits with his bombs and set on fire two hangars; he then opened fire on a machine which was standing out on the aerodrome. The machine caught fire. Afterwards he attacked with machine-gun fire parties of troops and mechanics, inflicting a number of casualties. On the following day he led another important raid on an aerodrome, setting fire to two hangars and effectively bombing gun detachments, anti-aircraft batteries, etc. The success of these two raids was largely due to the determined and skilful leadership of this officer.

Gazetted: The London Gazette, 2 November 1918

Second Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross

One evening this officer, in company with another machine, attacked five Pfaltz scouts, destroying two; one fell in flames, and one broke up in the air. The officer who accompanied him brought down a third machine out of control. While engaged in this combat they were attacked from above by five triplanes. Displaying cool judgement and brilliant flying, Captain Cobby evaded this attack, and returned to our lines in safety, both machines being undamaged. A determined and most skilful leader, who has destroyed twenty-one hostile machines or balloons, accounting for three machines and two balloons in four days.

Gazetted: The London Gazette, 23 September 1918

Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross

An officer whose success as a leader is due not only to high courage and brilliant flying, but also to the clear judgement and presence of mind he invariably displays. His example is of great value to other pilots in his squadron. During recent operations he shot down five machines in eleven days, accounting for two in one day.

Gazetted: The London Gazette, 23 September 1918

Distinguished Flying Cross

Has proved himself a very gallant and successful fighter and patrol leader, setting a fine example to the squadron.

Within the last few months he has destroyed a number of enemy balloons and aeroplanes.

Gazetted: The London Gazette, 3 August 1918

George Medal

Gazetted: The London Gazette, 7 March 1944

Archival Material

National Archives of Australia

Series No. Control Symbol Item Title Digitised Item Item ID
B2455 COBBY A H Cobby Arthur Henry : SERN CAPT : POB Melbourne VIC : POE N/A : NOK F Cobby Mr 3263833

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